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Alright ladies and gents, STEP UP on the Platform & DISH with us about Your Healthy

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As you can tell from the WEBSITE itself, KNOTSandsquats is very much so about the health of YOUR HAIR, MY HAIR, HER HAIR AND HIS HAIR (among other hair related interest and information), thus the ‘knots’ part!!

With that being said one of the missions of KnotsAndSquats is to provide somewhere for YOU, the Naturalista, the reader, the transitioner, the natural hair stylist, the natural hair parent, etc. to be able to share your natural Hair-Stories and experiences with everyone else!!!  KnotsAndSquats is a NO Judgment Zone, a safe place to vent about your daily or professional lives/struggles, and express your concerns with those who have been there where you are now and any frustrations you have about going natural or even if you’ve been natural for 10+ years.

The hurdles you face for choosing to wear your hair in its natural state and the cold shoulders when you explain all the great health benefits of no more chemicals, etc. The BEST part about bringing your story here is, what you share will be viewed and appreciated by those who share your interest, motivate you, become inspired by you and best of all where we come to share and read to educate one another!!!

Besides, what’s NOT to Love about a virtual SHOW and TELL reaching women, men, girls, and boys from all over the WORLD!!!


KnotsAndSquats is ALWAYS Looking For: 


Your Journey to Natural-

What was the turning point in which you decided to become a Naturalista? Did you ponder the thought for months or even years? Were you afraid? Did you not know how to do hair prior to and that was a draw back? Share with the KnotsAndSquats community your Journey to Natural!!

Natural (Single) Mothers/Fathers-

This category speaks for itself, when you’re a parent whether you’re single or not, caring for your child(ren) and yourself (and possibly husband/partner) may feel like 2 Full-Time jobs already, not to mention your 9-5 or if you’re starting your own business, so with that being said KnotsAndSquats and the Community would love to hear from you with any tips/tricks that you may have on a nighttime routine, quick styles, do you have a day/night look, are there any accessories that you use to help maintain a tamed mane, such as protective styles-wigs-scarves, etc.? Does your husband/partner help with your hair? Does/Do your child(ren) help with your hair? Are there enough hours in the week to get to the salon weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly? Does your hair take a backseat day/in and day/out and you are looking for tips/tricks and styles?!?! Let KnotsAndSquats know!!! If you’re a father or mother who gets there child(ren) weekends or summers and you’re natural but your ex is not, does that cause any confusion as to why you are choosing to be-do your children understand the health benefits-or are they being told negative things about how and why you wear your hair like you do?

Style Ideas-

Do you have a go to style that any busy woman can do on even her busiest of mornings? Are you a stylist and have men repeatedly come back because of the styles you create? Is there a signature style you wear and everyone adores is? Please submit a photo or two…or three! along with the instructions for the rest of the KnostAndSquats community!!!


Do you experiment with color, semi-permanent, permanent, henna? Do you straighten your natural hair often, sometimes, or are completely against it? Do you like to express yourself through ‘art’ and find it a breath of fresh air when you’ve taken your hair to a ‘new dimension’ with color? Does straightening your hair make your hair more manageable?

2a/2b & 3a/3b & 4a/4b Textured Titans-

How do you conquer your texture on tough hair days? What is it about your texture that you Love or even dislike? Do you find that your texture is more manageable at the crow or the nape or that your edges are now thicker than when you were relaxed? Is is easier to where your hair (because of the texture) in certain styles? Do you have a routine or do you just ‘wingit’??

Product Reviews-

Have a product, product line/lines that you want to share? Send in your product review complete with your personal experience, a picture(s) or even a link to your youtube/vimeo channel; your honesty will allow you to rave or vent without judgement as well as help out the KnotsAndSquats community with an honest opinion on said product(s)!!

How – To Tutorials-

Do you have a Youtube or Vimeo channel that you do hair tutorials at? Or even a fast 15sec clip on your Instagram on a quick topknot or how you tame your edges, etc.? Do you even use OneTrueMedia or even Viddler? Whatever platform your use to visually share your how-to, routine, etc. videos with please share feel free to submit and share them with the KnotsAndSquats community as we’d all love to see how you make it do what it do!!!

Natural Hair Stylist-

Are you a natural hair stylist that does both relaxed and natural hair? Or the opposite and won’t do relaxed hair? Do you see better progress when you give your clients information on how to take care of their hair in between visits to you? Is is a tougher market to be a natural hair stylist than one who does relaxed/both? Do you think every salon should have a natural stylist in there salon for ‘healthy hair’-information to clients who are wanting to go natural or who are transitioning? What is the worst shape someone’s hair/scalp has been when they’ve first come to you? Have you had any children come to you with bald spots from relaxers or burned scalps, etc? Do you have any tips on finding the right stylist for your hair texture and pros or cons or even a list of what to expect or not expect? Please share and let KnotsAndSquats and the Community know!!

Natural Child(ren)-

Do you have a child(ren) that wants to go natural but you do know if you’ll have the time or finances for them to? Are you afraid that you won’t know how to manage their hair if they do? Is your child(ren) in sports and you think that adding in taking-care of their hair will be overwhelming when they already have school, extra curricular activities and maybe even AAU sport(s) or tutoring, etc. and all of that seems to keep there schedule full enough? Does your child(ren) have a sensitive scalp and you’re looking for tips/tricks to help with that? Let KnotsAndSquats and the community know, we’d love to hear from you!!

Corporate America for Naturals-

What style or styles do you wear to make a day in the office that much less challenging? Does your office care if it’s in a fro, locs, braids, twists, etc.? Do you travel a lot for work and keep your hair in protective styles to keep your professionalism and prevent any bad hair days in front of new/existing clients? Have you had a bad hair day in corporate America, and if so how’d it go? Let us (the KnotsAndSquats community) know!!

Naturalistas Putting in Work

Do you work 9-12 hour shifts 4-7 days a week in a warehouse or plant? Or maybe you’re a cop that patrols the streets? Or possibly someone who works in a restaurant or department store with crazy hours? With these physically demanding jobs do you find it easier to go to the salon every two weeks and have it rebraided or retwisted or even wigs? Are locs a must with jobs like this? Do you dare wear a fro or twistout? Do you have the energy to continue with a natural hair routine? How important are protective styles when your hair is the Last thing on your mind for literally the Better part of everyday? Are there many if any other naturals that you work with? Let the KnotsAndSquats Community know!!

Big Choppped-

Have you recently big chopped and want to share with us through pictures, collages or a post w/pictures on your BIG CHOP Day? Have you Big Chopped and noone knows yet and you want to debut your NEWDO here? Let the KnotsAndSquats Community know!!

Guest Bloggers- 

KnotsAndSquats is more than excited to be taking articles from guest bloggers that are interested in sharing and informing people on Natural Healthy Hair. The first thing you do is submit a proposal of what you plan to write about, if it’s a series and if so how long will the series be, please refer to -> [[ ]] If you’re choosing to submit a re-post from your blog, send over the article, a link to your blog, a pic of yourself, and let me know if it is a sponsored post or not! I do not mind confrontational post of feelings and maybe what’s trending throughout the community BUT I will NOT allow any negativity, as long as it is YOUR opinion on the subject and you’re looking for feedback you’re more than welcome to send over your post, your post will also be protected also the community will NOT be able to speak negatively on your topic but they are allowed to voice their opinions.

Contest Guidelines-

If you are hosting a contest and it fits in the spectrum of what KnotsAndSquats is and you want to get the KnotsAndSquats Community involved please email with all the details and we’ll share accordingly!



Once you’ve found a topic(s) that you like, please email:


to submit ‘Whatcha Gotta Say’!!! Should anyone on the board at KnotsAndSquats have any questions you will be promptly asked so that your entry may be shared in a timely manner!




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