Tips on Getting Your MO-JO Back

Staying Motivated on your Journey!

The best part is, it’s Monday…the worst part is…well it’s Monday *Or maybe not*!


How does that motivate you? Well in most cases it doesn’t most everyone looks at Monday is such a dreary way and can’t see the opportunity, power and happiness in this day of the week.

Opportunity? Like what, the beginning of another work week? The fact that I messed up on my healthy eating, like at all three parties this weekend? NOPE. None of that, Monday’s *Opportunity* is S.I.M.P.L.E.

S- Start of a FRESH New Week: It’s the start of a brand new week, you have {5} days to stay on track, so don’t blow it by letting yourself down by anything that occurred over the past weekend. It happened, let it go, move forward and see what a whole new week can do for your mind, body, soul!

I- Instant jump start: Jump into a new sport, hobby, or jump back into something you were once passionate about and kinda put to the side. going back to things that made your heart smile like, arts and crafts or golf…these types of leisure activities helps reduce stress and therefore allows you to enjoy your day a bit more!

M-Mindful, this is probably the only day of the week that you have to literally get yourself into a positive mindset…so it’s mindful because it’s a weekly mentality builder

P- Play around and tweak a few things: Today you can change up your workout routine, get creative in the kitchen or even use today as an ‘off’ day from working out. Really? Yup! If you use today as an ‘off’ day from the gym then you won’t have to fight yourself so much on trying to make it to the gym, so maybe you’ll enjoy it the rest of the week or play around and see if you could change this to a ‘cheat-meal’ day so you can treat yourself on the main day of the week that you tend to be let down the most

L- Listen and Learn: Listen to your body, you could start using Monday’s as a reflection day to really hone in on yourself and understand you and your body’s needs much better. This in it of itself is a total self-esteem booster, self-awareness booster and mood-booster!!

E- Entertain, yes that’s right get out of those dreaded “Monday Blues” and have a girls night out/in or start a Monday Motivational Meet-up!

REMEMBER if you don’t have your health you dont have anything. Stay upbeat, positive & optimistic, never let life get you down. Ever.

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As always Health, Happiness & Harmony!


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