Saturday Morning Walk

satstroll2Hey y’all!!

So on this mornings walk, I left out at 5:45am (it was still dark) but it was quiet and I could be left alone with my thoughts and enjoy some peace, since as you know being at the house working, homeschooling and raising my 3 little guys it can get kinda hectic, loud and a bit unorganized at times, so it was very nice to have some quiet alone time in fresh air….much needed and appreciated fresh air!! Can’t help but to think how BLESSED I am to live in a neighborhood that allows me to go out before and/or after the sun rises/sets. Not too many neighborhoods out there anymore so you can image how happy I was to be outside this morning…and without having to tote the kiddos around with me.

I’ve also gained some unnecessary unhealthy weight over the past 6-8 months that need to leave, I can tell from the way I’m feeling and moving (or lack thereof). I’m on a mission to tighten up my post C-section skin as much as I can as well as get my health back in order.

While I was out I ran into quite a few things, some were scary, some were funny, some were weird and some were even strange. However all in all each thing made my walk that much more unique.

The Good:

I survived the walk after literally NOT walking- especially for that long-in months, I found some money and to top it off, I live around the corner from 24 Hour Fitness and a couple of the guys were checking me out…it could have probably been because they were baffled that I wasn’t coming in to workout, but  like checking me out better…so I’m going to stick to that!!

The Bad:

I kinda freaked with every rustle in the bushes, but it turned out to not be a man eating vicious animal after all; 1 can — 3 frogs — about a dozen lizards and a handful of frogs…whew! I guess you couldn’t say this was necessarily bad-however in my defense each animal made my heart rate go up more than this mornings walk so it could have turned out bad.

The Ugly:

I had to save my own life and RUN from a MUTANT ROACH. Yes I’m NOT kidding. That hideous beast almost swallowed me ALIVE. I am terrified of roaches and this little critter did NOT and  repeat NOT turn the other way, IT CAME MY WAY so I had to hit that 4-40 faster than Marquise Goodwin, straight up though it was probably the length of the 100 yard dash (I’m sure the people eating at What-A-Burger were entertained while grabbing their breakfast this morning by a black chick haulin’ butt in all black and grey with a terrified look on her face—only to see that there was nothing behind me)…..well nothing that THEY could see, I saw it though, I saw that creepy-crawly-UGLY-mutant-can survive EVERYTHING beast coming right AFTER ME…that’s my story and ‘m sticking to it.

And last but certainly not least was something that saddened my heart. On the way back home I too a detour in a neighborhood that I use to do my ‘naptime’ runs in and came across a house that had a sign in their year stating this: “IT’S A GIRL” just last November, only to see it gutted out and a dumpster on the curb full of grass, tile, drywall, etc. I pray they’re doing ok. In less than a year you bring home your baby and get tested with a few bumps in the road…praying for strength and financial stability for them.

Also I hate passing Starbucks because of the strong smell of the cigars from next door. I have always taken a deep breath when I pass Starbucks because I LOOOVE the Aroma that come from there. But UGH did that cigar place have to move in next door. Ruins the whole ‘walk-by’. Now I hold my breath and pout because I don’t get my shot of coffee smell.

Nonetheless I made it back home safe and sound and with a new clear thinking perspective on a few things!!!

~*~{{As Always Health, Happiness and Harmony!!}}~*~

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