Saturday Morning Walk


Okay, so for some reason today I felt the urge to get out of the bed extra early and go on a walk. Not just any walk – but a LONG walk. I really wasn’t sure WHY I would go before day break, in the rain and not just go to the gym here at the complex. Nonetheless, I got ready to see what I was about to discover.

I got up, said my thanks for the day, put my contacts in,  swished coconut oil for 15 minutes, brushed my teeth after that, got dressed, checked on my kids, and headed out the door with the trash.

While taking the trash out I saw that it was raining harder than I though so I threw the trash in the dumpster (for once it was clean and didn’t look like the city dump had puked everywhere) and headed to my car. I always keep everything I could think in my car in case of any emergencies (and we do live in a Hurricane Zone so if need-be we’ll be able to bounce before the news anchor could finish their segment). I went to the trunk (that had been recently cleaned and organized) and got one of my kids’ raincoats out  so I could get my walk on.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to head out of the gates THAT Early so I went to the park here in the complex and saw that the lights were on i the gym. As tempted as I was to head Indoors, I didn’t let my insecurities get the best of me and hooked a right instead to the park. Well to my surprise there were 5 teens smoking pot having a deep conversation at the picnic table. Needless to say me bumpin’ my Christian Rap didn’t bother them and everyone exchanged their ‘Good Mornings’. After 4 laps the smoke was getting the best of me (as the wind was slightly blowing with the rain) so I headed out the parks gate stretched and trotted out the apartment gates.

The moment I stepped off the property I swear a sense of freedom started to fill me up. for some read my child-sized rain coat and felt like a cape and the music from Pandora on my phone became my theme music and I was gone. My trotting became a nice pace and nice pace became slow running and soon became running…it felt GREAT!


It has literally been a year since I felt that free to act on something that had been whispering in my ear for forever and the return of having Faith in my self was amazing.

I went around 4 city blocks said several good mornings, made a ton of foot prints in mud, saw my neighborhood in a new way and was very pleased with how the thoughts and ideas came swarming in my head. But at the same time – my head was CLEAR (after a very long overdue time), it was Clear!

So this is just s snippet of what’s to come. I will be blogging regularly again and I can’t wait to get what’s been INside OUT again!!

~*~{{As Always Health, Happiness and Harmony!!}}~*~



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