Motivational Monday: Thankful for a Simple Thanksgiving

Motivational Monday: Thankful for a Simple Thanksgiving

Hey all!! Today is Monday and it’s the last Monday before the Thanksgiving holiday!! Typically I’d be shopping for food, items needed for guests etc. but this holiday I decided to somethings different. I went shopping for food last week, no going to have any guests, literally the people here in the house are the only ones ‘coming’ for dinner…well maybe my cousin (she works down the street-and might swing by during her lunch hour), and that’s it. Also I will not be hitting up the infamous Black Friday sales either…I know great sales but the crowds are a little ridiculous sometimes.

How does this go with Motivational Monday? Well in order to stick to the plan, any plan for that matter you have to have the will power and motivation to carry it out, and when it comes to the holiday’s I tend to be an impulse buyer (well just most of the times) and for me not to go shopping for any other items for the holiday or presents for next month I have to stick to the plan and stay motivated that smaller sometimes is better. I really love family get-together’s but I’m vying for a smaller simpler Thanksgiving, one that I’ll not only enjoy but actually be thankful for. By taking a step back and really appreciating what I have, who I have in my life, where I am i life, and where I’m going in life I’ve actually been able to be Thankful for Thanksgiving this year and not thankful that it’s over…don’t get me wrong I love the big festivities however they tend to drain the meaning out of the holiday’s sometimes and we look forward for the holiday to be over, but not this year…I’m determined and motivated to make this one simple and meaningful!!!

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year??!!

~*~{{As Always Health Happiness & Harmony!}}~*~

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