Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Cat Cora Cooking Event in Houston TX

Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Cat Cora Cooking Event in Houston TX

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012 @ 6:30p & Macy’s Memorial City, Housewares Department, Level 2
900 Memorial City Mall  Houston, TX 77024

Okay so here’s the 411 on my ‘Culinary Adventure Night Out w/ an Iron Chef’… I got ready an hour and a half before time to go, I headed out an hour before the event and it took me at least 35 minutes to get ‘down the street’…hate Houston traffic at times, sheesh!

I find a parking spot rather quickly though I go into Macy’s and head up the escalator to level 2 (haha sounds like a video game), at the top of the escalator you can already see the set up and a table with two lovely ladies sitting checking everyone in! I sign in under my name and sit in the back…after like 7-10 minutes I’m like wait a minute why would the ‘press’ be sitting in the back, I can’t get any good pictures, lol so I stop this lady who seems to be the hosts and ask is there anywhere specific that the  bloggers/press should sit and she signs me in correctly (under the business name) and takes me to the first two rows! I was like “Oh yeah!” and so we go and I pick my seat and she pulls off some red ribbon and take the reserved sign off the seat (feeling very red carpet at this moment)!

So I proceed to take a few more pictures and get ready for the show, at this point I’m seeing familiar bloggers and new faces in the blogging community! *Bonus* Well the speaker came up and thanked us all for being their, introduced Cat Cora and out she came (as a force to be reckoned with)! She has a great presence upon her that’s not at all a turn off!

Well she started with the “Slow-Roasted Bourbon Pork with Alma’s Sweet-Hot Mustard” Oh my goodness you got hungry looking at the raw pork! Seriously you knew you were in for a treat when with that divine cut of meat! While seasoning, and cooking it she talked us right through it and you could just imagine yourself cooking right along side her (which would be awesome to have that kind of help in the kitchen). The Sweet-Hot Mustard was passed down from her great-grandmother and she just whipped it up so easy, the ingredients were/are very simple and the process is as well…something I’ll be adding to my family’s menu often! She then started to cook the “Sauteed Greens with Meyer Lemon and Garlic” which in fact will take your breath away! Delish!! and finished things off with this decadent “VaLee’s White Chocolate Pecan Pie” Oh my goodness just pure indulgence, like you’re gonna drool once you bite into it so I was happy when they gave me a second napkin! 

All in all once we got our sample of the dishes she made (as well as mashed potatoes-she didn’t make in front of us but was glad they were made anyway)…your taste buds went wild, fa real once the servers came out with the trays the smell hit you (and BTW for those of you who don’t know you taste with like 90% smell) so anyways once you got a whiff of what was headed your way you immediately get excited..and/or do you ‘happy-food-is-coming’ dance (I do it almost every meal). So the greens were literally outstanding, very delicious, like I would have never thought to put lemon juice in my greens but once I tried these I’m like sheesh my kiddos and I have been missing out-a must try indeed. The Garlic Mashed Potatoes were quite tasty I enjoyed every bite. Now usually you don’t eat the ‘fat’ on any piece of meat so naturally I separated the pork from the fat (which was super easy-fork tender) and just ate the pork which was like drinking pork flavored water it just went down my throat, like I think I chewed once or twice…out of curiosity I tried the ‘fat’ and was like Lawd I’m in heaven….so I ate that too and was so content and proud of myself for going that extra mile!! 

After were pictures and book signing! All in All it was a night that’ll stay on my favorites list!

Hope you enjoyed (reading about) my night as much as I enjoyed my night!



A little background on Cat Cora…

*Cat Cora has been in the culinary industry for 25 years + and doesn’t look too much older than 25 years old…she holds her age very very well, very talented and beautiful individual!

*This powerhouse is a traveling mother to 4 little boys, husband and is one of 14 chefs of Macy’s Culinary Council.

*The 45-year-old TV personality also runs Chefs for Hunmanity. 

*In 2005 she became the first and only female Iron Chef on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, making history nontheless! Let me just say she dominated it was like watching MMA or something but for food…she kicked culinary butt!!!

*Cat Cora has become one of the largest names in the culinary community, when I hear it I think to myself what else could she possibly do to amaze me.

*In May 2012, Cora expanded her repertoire (big word-go me) to “host”, with co-host Curtis Stone, in Bravo’s reality series Around the World in 80 Plates,<–check it out, I have, it’s def worth the watch!

*She’s also a contributing food & lifestyle editor for O, the Oprah Magazine, how cool is that.

*She inspires me to get more creative in the kitchen with each successfully launched unique restaurant concepts!!! Here are those concepts:

—In 2008 a casual barbeque restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA featuring her favorite takes on global BBQ.

—In 2009, she partnered with Disney to open Kouzinna by Cat Cora at Disney’s Board Walk Resort.

— In 2011, she opened Cat Cora’s Kitchen, a sophisticated dining option for airport travelers with locations in the Virgin Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, and most recently at Salt Lake City International Airport…with more on the way!

Yea so if any of her culinary resume’ is close to home, check it out-chow down & enjoy, your taste buds will thank you tremendously!!




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