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Knots And Squats is a PR Friendly USA (Texas)-based website/blog! If you have a product or service you would like to submit for potential review on Knots and Squats, I would love to hear from you! I can help bring visibility to your product – do a review, or even suggest a project we can work on together! If you are interested in an honest product review or would like to collaborate with me on a project, please contact me at! I love to find, receive, and share new products and great companies I believe in with my readers/audience!

Please read the guidelines listed below and contact me if you have any questions! I’d be more than happy to consider your proposal!!

Review Guidelines I will write an honest, clear and detailed review of the product(s) you have provided. Topics covered in my review may include but are definitely not limited to:
– A description of the product and the company

– Links to product and company website – My experience with the product, positive or negative

– My opinions on the product

– Quality of the product

– Price (fair, great deal, a little much but worth it, etc.)

– My experience with your company, the products and all that’s relatable

– Photos or video, either my own or those provided by your company

– Submission of the review to several networking sites and forums!!!!!

Project Guidelines If you find that you have a project that I would be compatible with, it needs to fir the scope of my blog/website and be of interest to my readers.

-A detailed description of the project or outline of the direction of the project

-A reasonable timeline

-Whether or not the collaboration will take place in person or solely online


-What is expected of me


I have a compensation of $200.00 for every product I market, advertise, promote, share, etc. (this is payment for my service{Time&Effort} to you/your company)…your company will be heavily seen, recognized, reviewed & even recommended by myself and/or others who find interest in it!

All products submitted MUST be appropriate for a family friendly website. Please be aware that I CANNOT review items based solely on photos, brochures, or websites — I actually have to use the products I review in order to give our readers my honest, thoughtful, thorough opinion. A sample MUST be provided. Products supplied to me for the review must be full size, become the property of Knots and Squats and will not be returned. Personalized items must be personalized for ‘me’. Product samples are not returned and while submitting a sample does not guarantee a favorable review or placement. If you are unable to submit a sample, I have a variety of affordable advertising opportunities you can choose from!!

In order for a Review to be posted on Knots and Squats, a sample or samples of the product(s) must be mailed to me and will not be returned. A free sample does not guarantee a positive review, however the review will be honest, clear and detailed! All reviews are written based on my true and honest opinion of the product(s).

Additional Benefits You may link to my review on your website to encourage customers to make a purchase! You may use my photographs, provided you link back to my blog. You may offer a discount coupon for use by all blog visitors. This will encourage consumers to visit your website and make a purchase.

**Knots and Squats also reserves the right to decline any pitch that does not fit with the scope and audience of Knots and Squats.


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«•´¨*•.¸¸.♥ { PR Friendly } ♥ .¸¸.•*¨`•»

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KnotsAndSquats welcomes advertisers & enjoys and loves brands!

I have wonderfully engaged, very smart and savvy, all around genuine female (and some male) readership, supporters and followers from the all over the US/Canada primarily…as well as a few other countries!

I am someone who loves to talk about new products and website finds, so I have opened my blog up to companies for projects, giveaways, reviews, sponsorships, etc.!!!

Graphic Advertisements:

Sponsors are always welcome at KnotsandSquats as they allow me to afford to enhance and promote the blog, which in turn increases readership and benefits both myself and my advertisers/brand sponsors.

Email me for graphic advertisement rates and sizes.

Also available for:

  • Sponsorship at Events
  • Hosting
  • Bookings
  • Guess Blogger
  • Speaker or Emcee
  • Receiving Media Kits
  • Sponsored Videos/Vlogs
  • Brand Ambassadorships

You can also Choose to Partner with Valencia:

  • A new voice for your Media Advertising
  • Spokesperson/Model for your next Commercial Product
  • As a new voice for your Media Advertising
  • Partnering in your Social Media Presence and Outreach
  • An On Air Talent for your next TV Campaign
  • A new image for your Company or Product


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«•´¨*•.¸¸.♥ { Advertising & Stats} ♥ .¸¸.•*¨`•»

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Knots and Squats may be considered ’new’ to the “Scene” but KaS will get your BRAND/PRODUCT:  known, seen, and talked about!!!

**Advertise HERE**


 At the present time I am accepting advertising requests (ads and links) from businesses; also fellow blogs, Etsy shops, Ebay and online store advertisers are also welcome as well. Payment (In Full) must be given before your first advertisement is placed on the site/blog or even social media! Thank You!

Tweets & Posts(2day 7 days/week) :: $15.00 each week

Month Pricing (Small) :: $25.00

Month Pricing (Medium) :: $50.00

Month Pricing (Large) :: $75.00

Month Pricing (Banner) :: $125.00

Month Pricing (SlideShow) :: $175.00

*Ads are First-Come First-Serve

*Your Ad Is Displayed on Every Page

*”New Sponsor to the Team” Post will introduce you and your company/service/product(s) to my audience

*Social Media Exposure as well as exposure at any events I attend

Knots and Squats  reserves the right to deny any advertisement that does not benefit, or interest the audience of K.A.S.

::Site stats::

Knots and Squats  reaches over {{ 4000 }} people via Social Media & makes countless interactions In-Person!

Facebook~ 60

Twitter~ 3500

Linked In~ 500+

Instagram~ 505

Pinterest~ 125

Google+~ 7

Tumblr ~ 47

MORE social media connections will be consistently added…

The internet is ever changing as well as Knots and Squats, check back constantly to follow ‘STATS’ as they change!

**{{Thank You!!}}**


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«•´¨*•.¸¸.♥ { Sponsorship } ♥ .¸¸.•*¨`•»

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I’m seeking sponsorship for several conferences, expos, and events in 2014 and look forward to partnering with interesting brands.


In return for your sponsorship I am more than happy to:

  • Post liberally about your brand right here

  • Include your links in every post regarding the conferences

  • Publish your ads on the blog for a 6mth or 12 month package

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, Vine, etc. mentioning your brand there and several other places as well

  • Promote or use any products you send along with the sponsorship

  • Print your logo on the back of my business cards that ill be taken to the conference(s) (it goes along with the 6 or 12 month package)

  • Promote your brand via my Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Vidiolicious, Keek, Sound Cloud, etc. channels

  • Include your link in liveblogging, livetweeting and liveinstagraming throughout the conferences

  • Anything else we deem appropriate…

Considering the uniqueness of each brand, I’m aware that some of these offerings may or may not be the best for your company/brand however, I want to make my time at these conferences as beneficial for myself (and especially) you as possible.

Please email me at to discuss how I can best represent your company/brand at these popular conferences. I’m happy to send over my blog stats and chat with you about a future partnership!!


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«•´¨*•.¸¸.♥ {Socially Connected} ♥ .¸¸.•*¨`•»

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