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*Podcast Series Co-Hosting

*Webinar Co-Hosting

*Youtube Collaborations

*Event Co-Hosting

*Emcee or Speaker at Event or Retreat

*Seminars and Lectures

*In Person or Virtual 5K or any other racing events

*Twitter Chat Co-Hosting

*LIVE Cooking Class Series

*Guest Blogger Hot Topic Series

*Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp Sessions

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Other ways you can choose to Partner with Me:

  • A new voice for your Media Advertising
  • Spokesperson/Model for your next Commercial Product
  • Partnering in your Social Media Presence and Outreach
  • An On Air Talent for your next TV Campaign
  • A new image for your Company or Product



 Wanting to sponsor a Natural Hair, Health and Fitness related blog with a dedicated and unique Brand  for both Virtual and In-Person conferences, expos, and events in  please refer below to my calendar below and if I have space where need a Blogger/Business Owner to fill it, look no further! I’m always excited and appreciative to partner with interested and interesting Brands/Companies!

In return for your sponsorship KnotsAndSquats is more than happy to:

  • Post liberally about your brand right here

  • Include your links in every post regarding the conferences

  • Publish your ads on the blog for a 6mth or 12 month package

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, Vine, etc. mentioning your brand there and several other places as well

  • Promote or use any products you send along with the sponsorship

  • Print your logo on the back of my business cards that ill be taken to the conference(s) (it goes along with the 6 or 12 month package)

  • Promote your brand via my Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Vidiolicious, Keek, Sound Cloud, etc. channels

  • Include your link in liveblogging, livetweeting and liveinstagraming throughout the conferences

  • Anything else we deem appropriate…

Considering the uniqueness of each brand, I’m aware that some of these offerings may or may not be the best for your company/brand however, I want to make my time at these conferences as beneficial for myself (and especially) you as possible.

Please email me at valencia(at)knotsandsquats(dot)com to discuss how I can best represent your company/brand at these popular conferences. I’m happy to send over my blog stats and chat with you about a future partnership!!

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