January 5th 2015 A day In The Life

Goooood Morning my lovelies! This morning started at 4am (Oh Yeah!) Today marks the 1st post of the year, the 1st time I’ve been to the gym this year, my first leg(s) day at the gym and my 1st day in my attempt to Conquer the World…okay well just WIN the Bodybuilding.com 200K Transformation Challenge!!! It officially starts on the 11th  but I need my body to KNOW that next week mama aint playin and there is no whining – only winning 🙂

Jump out the car raring to go and head straight to my favorite Smith Machine (everyone knows not to touch it…okay well maybe it’s because I’m basically 1 of 5 people there for the first 10-15 minutes so it’s not like they know it’s just that there aren’t a lot of people at the gym. BUT I can still think that). Anywho, I go to my favorite “SM” and get warmed up and let me just say that whoo hoo 2 1/2 weeks off didn’t do anything to my endurance. I thought I was going to be tired or winded as I did nothing over the holidays but enjoy family…and food….and more food. Let’s just say the pizza man knows me by name, LOL!!!

I got the the gym early (before it opened officially) so that gave me an extra 10 minutes to warm up which allowed me to use every minute to my advantage! Glad that they’ll open it at 4:50am as opposed to 5am on the dot! Yesss, for the EARLYBIRDS who get ISH DONE!!

Regardless of the delicious pizza and cheesecake and birthday cake and Christmas dinner my workout was tha bomb.com!!!


After the gym I came home drank my postworkout drink, showered, rested for about 30 minutes and made breakfast for the kiddos!

Today’s homeschooling lessons were on: MONEY, MATH ( as they are NOT one in the SAME) READING, CIRCLE TIME, CHORES AND MOMMY AND ME TIME WITH EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY!

Then free time for them and on to IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) for me! Seriously in love with this school, the concept and the lovely, effective, infamous contagious “Ripple Effect”!! I’m currently on Module  and am completely mind blown as to the knowledge that is being taught to us. Mainstream media is a joke and most definitely something to take with a grain of salt, seriously. I have really learned a lot and even became more aware of what EACH person has shown/taught us in my daily life. I love how even though some of the material may come off as really deep or something i never knew anything about it’s still displayed simple but very effective.


For the boys’ health and fitness session we went to the playground and built sand castles, fought wars, raced and climbed mountains. I guess you could say it was a well spent  day of athletics and  recess!!!

Alright it’s time for sleep good night and God Bless!!

…:::Health, Happiness + Harmony:::…

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