Inspiration May Be a Few Words Away


Has your mood ever been picked up by one of those cliché sayings or “motivational” quotes?! Do they really work, or are you just wanting attention and as soon as someone gives it to you by sharing a ‘pick-me-up’ line or two you’re “all better”?? Well to be honest we all, yup every one of us, has the ability to be our best cheerleader, worst enemy, greatest inspiration, worse downer. So why is it that you when you hear a certain bible verse, quote, saying, poem you kinda jolt outta your little funk?? How is it that we think the best inspirations are on TV?? The truth is whether it’s entertainment, philanthropy, athletics, a TV Host, etc. if someone is one TV doing what your passion is in life, doing what you want to do in life, you find them as an inspiration…basically because They MADE-IT. Right? If you’re in the spot light you made it and the others are on their way…..


Well my stance to that is Yes & NO. Period. There is absolutely no set way to say someone has and/or has not made it in life. There is no one person better than the next to whom is the pick-me-upper and the rest have to look to that person for guidance. However, it is quite comforting to see individuals living their purpose in life, positively influencing other, enjoying life and sharing with others along the way. Does that me you can do any of that if you’re not in the “spot-light”. NO. It simply means that they have a bigger platform and probably a bigger mouth. LOL!!


I look up to quite a few women family, friends, young ladies & girls younger than me (yup people around my age and younger are influential too-there is no age limit on inspiration or success), as well as some men who have had similar struggles and seem to have persevered.


The best and worst thing, as I stated before, about You being You is that you can be your best cheerleader or your worst enemy. A few words a day will HELP keep the PAIN away of; doubt, negativity, sadness, hurt, etc. You can simply start by saying things like “Yes, I can”, “I will”,  “I believe in myself”, “The past is the past and I will focus on my future”, “I’m beautiful”, “I’m smart”, “This is just another speed bump in the road, I will overcome it”. These and SO MANY MANY More said once a day, or all day will allow you to focus on your goals, life and challenges and get you through it!


So YES Inspiration may be a few words away..BUT words from yourself to yourself are the BEST!

A few tips:

(1) Get rid of negative people (2) Surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you, (3) Stop Pretending, (4) Pray-this always works for me, and/or (5) Meditate!!

☰♥ˆˆ♥☰As Always Health Happiness && Harmony!☰♥ˆˆ♥☰

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