Healthy Alphabet Food of the Day Letter [A]


For my letter (a) food of the day you’ll learn about a food in alphabetical order! There are so many dishes you can put together to make with each food and it’s really scrumptious (if they’re new to you-and if you know about it…well enjoy the refreshment!), There are also great benefits to each and to top it off they don’t break the bank when added to your shopping list! Also I’m going to share a recipe from each of these foods that I really really like, are affordable and can easily be introduced to children!

★Avacados also called as alligator pear:

Health Benefits-  Preventing Aging Symptoms, Anti-Inflammatory properties, Prostate Cancer Prevention,  Oral Cancer Defense, Breast Cancer Protection, Prevent birth defects, Eye Health, Lower Cholesterol, Prevents Circulatory Diseases, Heart Health, Stroke Prevention,  Lowers the Triglycerides, Cure bad breath, Reducing Nausea, Better Nutrient Absorption, Glutathione Source, Vitamin E Powerhouse, Skin Care, and even Weight Gain.


1 Granny Smith Apple , cored, and the skin is still on
1/2 ripe Hass avacado
1/2 apple juice
1/2 cup ice
3 sprigs mint leaves
1 handful of spinach
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lime juice and/or lemon
Combine everything into a blender until smoooooth and ENJOY!!

Best time to of the Year to eat this  Since each variety has a different season, avocados are available year round!

California Varieties

Florida and Mexican Varieties

Hass: Booth, Lula, Taylor:
Available year round
  April to November–height
End of June through February
Fuerte: Zutano:
November to July October through May
Reed: Bacon:
March to September November through July

How to store-

In the Pantry-> 4-7 days or until ripe

Fridge-> 3-5 days once ripe

Freezer -> 3-6 months

Can you cook this-

Sure you can cook avacado but try adding it to the end of the cooking time (like for an omlet) and just lightly heat it through. Because avocado is very soft it doesn’t really cope with excessive heat (in my opinion) and unless you put some lemon or lime juice on it, it will go brown. I have seen people cook with it and I have begun experimenting with it myself but for now I’ll suggest for the new comers to this food that try it as a last ingredient and/or just salads, sandwiches and by themselves!


•°˚°•.¸♡ As Always Health Happiness and Harmony! ♡¸.•°˚°

Sources for the information:
United States Department of Agriculture
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
U.S. Food & Drug Administration

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