Black Weblog Awards 2012 Best Business Winner

Women Are Gamechangers Won The Black Weblog Awards for BEST BUSINESS BLOG Whooo Hooo!


Yesterday was such a special day, I received great news from Vernetta Freeney from my affiliate blog/site/business { }!! OMGoodness WE Won The Best Business Blog on { }, I know insane right?! I’m all too thrilled and very proud of the work that my sister and I put into the Business and being recognized for it makes it all the much better!!

Also to all the others who won and all of the nominies, CONGRATS, I tried to check out as many blogs/businesses/websites that I could and let me just say that the competition was outrageous. There were so many great places I visited and inspirational leaders and individuals I soo soo happy to have won (and with my Sister to boot)!!


There is so much more that Women Are Gamechangers have headed your way be sure to check the website Often so that you stay up-to-date!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You to Black Weblog Awards for this great Blessing, and to everyone who has supported us, voted for us, rooted for us and wanted us to win, succeed and become the business that we are and are growing to become!!

´`•.(*.¸(`•.¸ . . :: . . ¸.•´)¸.*).•´`


As Always Health, Happiness & Harmony!


´`•.(¸.•´(¸.* . . :: . .*.¸)`•.¸).•´`

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